I have been sick you know
Been sick a long time now
Could have been terminal you know
Happiness and joy marred now
Loss of my life who knows

Met me a Healer , a Physician
Trust,believe and obey said Physician
Love ,peace in His presence
Told Him all, non withheld
My take, physical, spiritually fueled

His prescriptions , simple !
Skip sin. “sin no more” Jn.8:11
I, He healed. sentences simple
“Friend,your sins are forgiven”Lk 5:20
“You are set free from your infirmity”Lk 13:12

Alike,many thousands are burdened
Spiritually and physically strickened
“Cast your burden upon the Lord”Ps 55:22
Not sickened by sins sicknesses, He beckoned
“come to Me,all you who are weary and burdened
And I will give you rest” Mt 11:28

Writen By . John Adedeji

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